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Ascended Nutrition, LLC

Ascended Nutrition is a Veteran owned and operated company. Ascended Nutrition was founded by two, prior service US Army Infantryman, Dillon and Levi. After graduating basic combat training at Fort Benning, Georgia, they both got stationed at Fort Hood, Texas. During their time in Texas, they had found a deep passion for the gym, and for supplementation. Dillon and Levi have been experimenting with different types of supplements since 2014. They have great understanding, and knowledge of what different ingredients in different supplements do to the body, so they decided it would be beneficial to start their own supplement company based on their knowledge. Dillon and Levi base their products on ONLY the essential ingredients needed for the specific supplement. To many times, people who pick out a supplement, do not understand EXACTLY what they are putting in their body, because the other companies have MANY “filler”ingredients. With Ascended Nutrition’s products, it is our promise you are only going to get the ESSENTIAL ingredients in ALL of our products!